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PC Architect is not just a simple “assemble your PC” simulator. This game is more in-depth than that. 
Here you have to earn money by winning different benchmark competitions, completing orders from people to assemble them a PC and achieving even greater results by overclocking your parts. You can buy a bigger variety of parts from e-shop but it will be more expensive to buy here than in your local shop or you can wait until those parts will arrive to your local shop. In this game there are over 400+ parts that are unlocked by progressing through a calendar. In PC Architect’s alternate universe PC building scene is taken over by Kintel, Rvidia, RMD and Ai. 

We still have a lot planned for this game and we will keep improving this PC building experience.
If you want to follow our progress you can read our devblogs at http://gamesfromgarage.com/ or follow us on: Facebook(https://www.facebook.com/GamesFromGarage/)


final1.052.apk (39 MB)

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Hey guys, I'm having trouble with the game on android lollipop with a samsung S4 i9500. The game runs perfectly until I start doing some things, It looks like a memory leak, but great game!